Wayne’s World

Welcome to the new "Shorty Segments". Between 500 and 1,500 words to help members follow the progress at various syndicate building sites with bite sized, digestible mini-updates.

Wayne’s World

Could Horse Sand Fort Be A Future Syndicate?

Not the island in the north, but the island fort

by the Isle of Wight.

^^^ Horse Sand Island ^^^

This page is an introduction.

Plus a big question for you to ponder near the end.

Hi, it’s Russ here putting together one of our new “shorty” segments. Hopefully very digestible for syndicate members. These shorties contain around 500 to 1,500 words.

It’s because of what happens on pages like these that I absolutely love work just now.

The pay is dreadful, but the legacy project is pretty much guaranteed. That is for Unique Property Bulletin to grow enough funds and invest these in buildings that produce sufficient income to guarantee the Unique Property Bulletin will be free to read forever. That it will always have sufficient ring-fenced resources to guarantee staff wages. We are almost there. We are getting “there” by having some wonderful adventures with unusual buildings.

This segues us neatly into Wayne’s World. This page is dedicated to Wayne. He actually joined UPS by accident via the Tanera Mòr island syndicate…

Technically Tanera Mòr, otherwise known as the Summer Isles are not yet a syndicate. But we are more ready now than ever before if/when these exquisite islands come back up for sale.

 Wayne telephoned a few days ago for a chat and we spoke briefly about Tanera Mòr.

Tanera Mòr Island s Have A Picturesque Harbour.

But what really got Wayne and going was Horse Sand Fort. Russ is concentrating the majority of UPS resources on getting the current portfolio of property ready for the all-important Springtime property resale season.

But you would have to have a heart of three foot stone (just like Horse Sand Fort Walls), not to be enchanted by this amazing structure. A serious piece of Victorian over-engineering and not a Black & Deck power tool in sight when they built this…

Horse Sand Fort: Click Here

Located in the Solent overlooking the English Channel. Unique Property Syndicates are long overdue another property in the south.

The Covid lockdown has been difficult. Ironically for fairly obvious reasons, Unique Property Bulletin have had a fourfold increase in folk looking to leave lockdown-towns and Coviddy Cities. Instead they seek an island home, or somewhere with at least a moat around a chateau that is self sufficient so that a full family can live together safely together and as normal as is possible during Coronavirus. Where the grandkids can hug their grandparents without fear of giving them the virus.

All of this lockdown could (and is for many) depressing. But what you don’t see and I am very lucky to experience every day is the number of folk who telephone for a chat. Please forgive my default setting from previous vocations, but here is an example from one of around 102 active shareholders within our 562 UPS members…

It is humbling and awesome that the obscure www.uniquepropertybulletin.co.uk website has evolved to be a network 0f 562 individuals from UPS and Argyll Group Private Equity (here – archived here) that have, in turn firmly established a set of prime real estate properties in what is essentially a…

Unique Property Club

to the total value of…


None Too Shabby For

An Eccentric Website &

A Good Team of Friends

Okay we call these syndicates, but that term jarred a bit when watching a recent Tom Cruise movie where the villains were known as “The Syndicate”. This is the antithesis of what we aspire to be and do.

By the way, that artwork above looks real because it is real…

Tom Cruse invention of covid-safe flight seating aside, and also the fact that Horse Sand Fort is juicy catnip for the movie location agents that positively stalk us at Unique Property Bulletin (good for resale £££), if we revert to the telephone call from Wayne…

Long story short, if Horse Sand Fort can be negotiated down to £600,000 then we ALREADY have £300,000 of that in the syndicate ready to buy this awesome fort…

Built In The Middle of Queen Victoria’s Reign

Not one power tool was available.

An awesome piece of construction work

So here’s the question: Should we buy it?

The location looks very good for a significant number of our UPS and Argyll Group members…

Location of Horse Sand Fort.

By The Isle of Wight.

Close to 15 UPS Members!

Even without the inbound UPS funds due this Springtime from the current five syndicates we all own and are scheduled t be put up for sale we still have over half the money already on the table.

Please remember we banned mortgages 25 years ago. It is safer that way. Banks have been proven to be unsafe thieves: click here. RBS stole the lifeboats from a sinking ship. They bankrupted viable businesses in their “dash for cash”. A scandal,

So no mortgage suggestions please (I know this aggravates several of our Argyll Group Private Equity crew: sorry).

The question then becomes…

NOT can we do it?


SHOULD we do it.

The “it” being to buy an island fort in he Solent.

Even just studying this project is an excellent and tax deductible excuse for UPS members to invite their partners to sample the five star luxury of the adjacent forts which have been renovated to a high standard. Of course we have to wait for Covid to ameliorate and the vaccines plus mutant boosters (that’s variant strains, not the crowd of zombies that try and catch you as you’re headed towards a safe UPB underground bunker).

So what next?

Well as part of the overhaul of this website and our other sites along with the way we run the three main parts of the organisation (syndicates + websites + Argyllers HNWs), we will be asking members to become guest presenters.

Either to write a page of between 500 and 1,500 for a shorty, or 1,500 to 7,500 for a “longy” article.

Wayne has great enthusiasm for this Horse Sand Fort project and is in a good place to purchase a major segment himself.

So much so, he pretty much persuaded Russ to park £100,000 into this putative syndicate.

During that discussion of 1 hours 46 minutes, Russ was very appreciative at how knowledgeable Wayne is about this Horse Sand Fort project.

Russ asked if Wayne would do the honours and research + write the requisite report on this island fort so that all UPS members may study the detail.

Wayne advised he would be happy to.

So at some point in the next few weeks we hope to upload Wayne’s World of Horse Sand Fort.

As for this shorty and introductory article, here is a video about the island so that you can get an idea what is there…

Candidate UPS For Future Consideration

Horse Sand Fort – Right Location. Wrong Price?

Horse Sand Fort, The Solent, Off Portsmouth, PO4 9UQ

Would this interest you as a participating UPS member if the purchase price was right?


Please email your Horse Sand Fort discoveries, results, treatise or even a report to us:

Click Here.

Many thanks.

UPS Team.