UPS23 Bay Cottage Newbuild Photo Selection

Bay Cottage Newbuild

^^^ Sannox Hotel & Bay Cottage ^^^

Island of Arran

Major Renovation Approaching Completion

With the hotel virtually ready for re-opening (subject to Covid restrictions being lifted/ameliorated) the focus in the past few months has been on the newbuild Bay Cottage for which planning permission was kindly granted by North Ayrshire Council: Click Here.

On 15th October 2020 this newbuild house construction was started at our Sannox Hotel site (north end)…

From concrete slab on 15th October 2020

To near-completed house: 15th April 2021

6 months (during Covid) a new house is created.

As at 15th April 2021 the house, now named “Bay Cottage”…

^^^ Bay Cottage ^^^

The Final Works To Complete This House

It is important to realise that Bay Cottage is much larger than the old, derelict hotel conservatory. Half of the old, closed bar and half of the old urinals have been handed across to ensure that Bay Cottage is a good sized home…

Bay Cottage Is Larger Than First Appears.

The exterior of the newbuild Bay Cottage is just waiting for the attachment of the exterior cladding as specified by the architect. The high-specification cladding was paid for on 9th April 2021. The supplier has confirmed their lorry is booked onto the ferry for Wednesday 21st April 2021. 

Miraculously this Bay Cottage newbuild project is on-time and on-budget. Just awaiting the exterior cladding. 

^^^ The Views From Sannox Hotel Food Garden ^^^

The interior views across Sannox Bay are none too bad and keep catching the eye of our team members at this project. There will be a small privacy hedge planted at the from tangent to Bay Cottage to provide privacy between its garden and that of the main hotel. 

^^^ Bay Cottage ^^^

This lounge area is now pretty much completed (the photo is 6 weeks old). It is included to give the owners of this newbuild and idea of what they own. It is a high-spec, new house with exceptionally fine views across the seas. So much so that in the first week of April 2021, Rightmove had this island in it’s top 5 UK coastal location list. 

Earlier Updates…



Very few words for this update. Best said with photos. Here is a favourite set from the past few weeks. More will be posted soon. Especially as the interior is now very close to being completed and will soon become a particularly nice place to stay. All from a rotted eyesore structure that was no longer in use, nor fit for purpose...

The transformation in just a few photographs may seem easy, but there has been a lot of blood, sweat and tears to get this place completed in time for resale season. Initially a structural engineer and Building Control officer required the old concrete slab integrity to be thoroughly tested. Including snow-loading no the proposed new roof area. All tests were miraculously passed. We saved about £6,000 on that element by not having to dig up the old slab one and install a new concrete foundation).

The kit frame built to roof truss level…

Having the roof trusses onsite and in situ was a great relief. We’ve been very lucky to have the best roofer on the island. 

^^^ Bay Cottage ^^^

Roof Now Completed: April 2021.

Underneath the completed roof is this: a totally renovated and to the greater extent a brand new property.

^^^ Bay Cottage ^^^

North Elevation: Double Glazing Completed: April 2021.

^^^ Bay Cottage ^^^

Prep For Cladding In Process: April 2021.

^^^ Bay Cottage ^^^

Front Elevation Facing Sea View & Front Garden.

^^^ Bay Cottage ^^^

Keith I’Anson Affixing Final Trims: April 2021.

This property has one of the best views on the island…

This Is Bay Cottage’s Exclusive Front Garden

Meanwhile the newbuild is very close to completion. Externally it is awaiting the new cladding and also being connected to it’s own water mains + electricity + septic tank. They are being installed during this month, April 2021. Right now in fact…

Water Mains Now Checked & Certificated

The mains pipe is now covered over. This is the main pathway from the new off-street parking space to the front door on the north side of Bay Cottage. The path will be monoblocked with neat planters and landscaped to ensure the entrance has a decent bearing.

Worthwhile noting the walk from the house down the private path has beautiful views of Sannox Bay…

Water Mains Now Separated From The Main Hotel

The exterior cladding system for Bay Cottage is now on order. Immediately that is delivered and installed, the rest of the hotel will be painted + landscaped with a new “Sannox Hotel” sign placed on the front of the building.

^^^ The South Side of Bay Cottage ^^^

The photo above indicates where the new planting hedge will be. The base is lined in orange ink for location purposes. 

Awaiting imminent delivery of cladding panels. Rainwater goods fitted along with cladding panel mounts.

There is, or course much more. The whole newbuild Bay Cottage house is wind and watertight. It is just awaiting the bespoke exterior cladding which Russ ordered yesterday…

Meanwhile the interior fitting is coming along efficiently and well (note the sea views from the main)…

The New Kitchen

This is being installed as this update is written…

The New Kitchen

We are keen for Bay Cottage to be completed as it can be difficult to stop popping into the front garden at the end of the work day and enjoy the lovely sea views…

Bay Cottage Is Sheltered By Sannox Bay

Whilst Having Remarkable Views.

Even walks on the beach looking back at this newbuild property are a treat… 

The White Arrows Align At Bay Cottage,

Sannox, Island of Arran

Someone is going to end up with a wonderful place to live. Members should be in no doubt that this is prime real estate on the island and has regularly featured in the media and on websites.

Here is one of the reasons why ~ continuing and positive national media publicity highlighting the attraction of living on a beautiful island…

Rightmove Recommend The Island of Arran

Click Here

& Here





When the Sannox Hotel syndicate (USP25) budget was drawn up, we put aside £4,000 to “tidy up” the fairly decrepit old Conservatory…

The Old Conservatory Building To The North East of Sannox Hotel

Somewhat miraculously, the architect we employed managed to secure full planning permission to demolish this dilapidated building and newbuild a 1-bedroom house in its place.

The Floorplan For Bay Cottage As APPROVED By The Local Council Planning Dept.

The Elevations For Bay Cottage As APPROVED By The Local Council Planning Dept.


Photos of the Old Conservatory Demolition

+ Foundation Slab Engineers Report

+ Newbuild Progress of Bay Cottage Construction.

Demolition work first: this has been completed on time and within budget.

The Old Conservatory Being Demolished

To be replaced be a newbuild 1-bedroom…

Bay Cottage, Sannox, Island of Arran.

Old Conservatory Demolition Work In Progress

Old Conservatory Demolition Phase Now Fully Completed

As At 11th November 2020

The newbuild of Bay Cottage starts here…

19 Tons of Old Conservatory Masonry & Steel Hand Balled Offsite.

Newbuild Framing Starts…

There are many photographs of the newbuild in process. For the purposes of this page and to be as concise as possible, the key moment photos have been selected. More pictures will follow…

This next photo gives our UPS23 readers an idea of a key selling aspect for ensuring a rapid exit-route with UPS23.

The view…

The View Across Sannox Bay Is An Incredibly Powerful Selling Aspect.

The more astute buyers clocked this sign…

Sure Footed Ordering To Ensure All Materials Were Onsite

In Case A Second Covid Lockdown Came About

The inside of Bay Cottage is starting to take shape.

^^^ New Hyper Insulated Floor Installed ^^^

Building Control Officer (& UPS-HQ) Very Happy At This.

Front Aspect Awaiting Bespoke Manufactured Windows.

Scheduled For Installation: 22nd December 2020. 


Valuation? This is a challenge as the Coronavirus pandemic appears to be sending people TO the island of Arran. he local estate agent has virtually run out of properties and a mainland estate agent spotted our “works” signage and asked if we were wanting to sell Sannox Hotel and Bay Cottage!

Even the national newspapers are promoting the Island of Arran as a place to live and work from…

A Handsome New Roof 

All Completed

UPS23: Bay Cottage Newbuild ~ The Roof Is On.

Here are the latest tranche of progress photographs from the UPS23 project manager at Sannox on the island of Arran… 

We manage to get the components onsite: sarking boards going onto the trusses.

Now Ready For The Roofer.

These Tiles Being Fitted Are A Beautiful Sight.

UPS23: Conservatory Newbuild.

Any questions, please feel free to text or email…

Any questions, please TEXT or TELEPHONE Russ McLean: 0757 2768 795