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Also worth noting…

As of 11-11-2020, this…

Unique Property Syndicate Website

Is Being Overhauled

Making it shorter, sharper. Literally easier to digest the words and pages.

Thereby increasing productivity, profitability and unique adventures.

As UPS founder Russ McLean’s fellow Scot said in his portrayal of Captain Marko Ramius, command the USSR submarine Red October…

Sir Sean Connery and Alec Baldwin: Final Scene ~ The Hunt For Red October

Life Imitates Art

Original Movie excerpt…

Sir Sean Connery & Alec Baldwin

Final Scene: The Hunt For Red October.

Quite the screenplay.

For Russ McLean and the UPS-Team, this was a lightbulb moment.

“A little revolution now and then is a healthy thing, don’t you think?” 

A long-overdue rebuild of the UPS website is due.

You will notice some subtle changes.

These are intended to improve this website and positively impact upon all that we do here.