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UPS News: 9th June 2024

Signs + Viewings + Internet Sale Launch

Some weeks the Unique Property Syndicate volunteers just run out of time. Today, Sunday 9th June 2024 is one such week (and week-end in particular).

=> This past few days, there are three different volunteers on three sites.

Paul is sorting the remainder of the physical signs to go up at the Tod Head Lighthouse locations. Russ is rebooting the (renamed) Lighthouse Bulletin website, and Stella is sorting out the internet viral logistics.

It is 8.45pm Sunday evening, 9th June 2024 and it is Russ here. I have just gotten to the UPS-HQ desk and computer. It normally takes 6 to 8 hours to write an edition. There is no physical way to write + edit + upload + publish an edition of UPS-News in 15 minutes.

Rather than have no news (when there is a ton of news to report), I am simply going to put up a sample of what Paul has been doing (running about getting the physical signs up at Sannox + Tod Head etc.

The rest will be reported next Sunday 16th June 2024 on th proviso we are not overloaded with buyers wishing to view UPS buildings. They simply must  take priority as that is the sacrosanct part of what we are focussing on: getting buyers into the buildings and transforming their interest into cold hard cash so that we can start completing the outstanding syndicates.

For this evening and this 15-minute wonder of an update, here is the sample of Paul’s Sunday volunteering at UPS for the this weekend and last weekend…

^^ Sannox “For Sale” Boards Onsite ^^

In Seven Days

These Have Brought In Dozens of Enquiries


The next segment are instructions and results for one of the crucial “For Sale” boards relating to the Tod Head Lighthouse Syndicate…


Hi Paul,

You are probably way ahead of me as I was intending to get these photos uploaded sooner so you would have a clearer idea of what I was trying to describe in relation to the “For Sale” boards at the top of the lighthouse road-end junction.

Hopefully these help (even if just to confirm what you already know). All my best, Russ.


Chop, chop + saw, saw and TIMBER… a crappy McEwan Fraser estate agency “For Sale” board bites the dust…



Thankfully Paul, you are at the top of your game with the signs. I am no longer able to get work done with power tools. Hopefully you will be able to get the new signs attached to (likely a new upright wooden extension) to this old metal pole…

^^ This Is Vital ^^

Thanks for sorting it Paul + thanks too to Loghan.

The villages of Catterline and town of Inverbervie will get to know about Tod Head £59,000 and £119,000 lighthouse property sales from this HIGH-ROAD sign. 

Paul, a BIG thanks from me to you for getting this part of the process sorted. It helps a huge amount as it gives me the grace of time to get the internet/social media “boosts” sorted so that our buyer-views get back up to 189,399.

Here Is The Power of The Internet

When It Is Being Good…

^^ The Internet On A Good Day ^^

When added to local signs…

^^ Local Signs Are Crucial For Sales ^^

Plus more lateral-thought signs scattered about the main towns in Angus.

Davie will sort these extra-local signs in Arbroath + Carnoustie + Brechin + Forfar + Kirriemuir + Blairgowrie and…


Aberdeen (where the money is) 🙂


We will be CHANGING FROM these…

To These…


Located Here At Arbroath…


Especially In The Big Main

High Street Windows…


Result with van back at UPS-HQ 8.15pm Sunday 9 June 2024…

^^ VIP Location of Tod Sale Signs ^^

^^ This May Not Seem Important ^^

But since 5.00pm when it went up,

28 people have checked out the main 

QR Code

That leads to this page…

Click Here


Previous Week’s UPS News…



Earlier Updates…

Hi Paul,

Many thanks for sorting the “For Sale” boards last night at Tod Head Lighthouse. Sadly, I can no longer manage power tools well not until another disc gets removed from y spine and I am avoiding that like the plague as the first disc removal was no picnic).

The least we can do is sort the cost of diesel fuel for the van. Thanks for the £50.01 diesel receipt. Here is the transfer this morning relating to the Arran/Sannox £50.01…

Buddy, please remember to let me have any tail-end receipts for the we may have missed for Noss Head Lighthouse or Sannox Hotel or Tod Head Lighthouse fuel receipts and others that come to hand and I shall sort out the reimbursement transfers as with the £50.01

Getting those “For Sale” boards up at Tod Head Lighthouse was major success. Especially with Cairnbaan Hotel floating about at what may be an irresistible price.

Paul, we have 585 shareholders from the plc days (public limited company) They can al access the password protected website…

(click here)

Password:  633

This site is password protected… 633 as the law is very strict with public limited companies (basically as you can raise millions of pound on the stock market).

By making it a password-protected site and taking the company “private”, we can still raise large amounts of money via shareholders (an avoid any bank mortgages).

Also, by “unlisting” the  company from a “plc” to an ordinary “ltd” the accountancy and legal fees reduce from £50,000 a year t0 £5,000 a year (the plc company format is for the big boys and girls – I don’t want to play at that stressful level thanks).

A crucial thing with the way we now work is that our shareholders enjoy the adventures. A bit like watching the TV series “Homes Under The Hammer” (going for 21 years with 1,50,000 viewers: here) and the viewers having a side-bet by owning say £5,000 of a £50,000 and seeing if it ells for a profit at the end of the programme. Plus a lot is learnt along the way by many of our shareholders.

=> The current Unique Property Syndicate seems to work as it has been going since 1999 and can raise a lot of funds very fast if we need to (though we give  a fair amount back to our shareholders in profits and/or interest).

A crucial part of what we do is each Sunday night I upload an edition of “UPS New”. That includes photos of what has gone on during the past week.

Hence you may notice me clicking photos regularly.

=> Though YOU may get the job as Chief-Photographer soon Paul, as you are far better at the photography than am I.

Anyways Buddy, that is enough with the words for this segment (just wanting you to follow how these building projects work and how they are funded (though there are a fair number of non-syndicate projects that your brother and I run).

Here is the latest batch of photos for the archives. If any of our crew are asked to appear, I always ask permission to put the photo on the main websites first.

5th June 2024: Signs At 

Tod Head Lighthouse Station

A cracking photo of the “Gearbox Ninja” was about to leap off the wall at some Supersized Bat-Cow at Tod Head Lighthouses or more likely Noss Head Lighthouse Station  🙂

5th June 2024: Signs At 

Tod Head Lighthouse Station

Job one!

How do we know? Because the webpage “hit” rate jut trebled with folk who visit Tod Head having a look at the online sale details: Click Here.

5th June 2024: Signs At 

Tod Head Lighthouse Station

5th June 2024: Signs At 

Tod Head Lighthouse Station





Earlier Pages For Paul’s Records…

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